About Us

Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC was founded in 1999 as an independent portfolio compliance monitoring and alerting service. We began with a deep understanding of the investment and investment oversight processes. We have been a pioneer in many areas of risk and compliance that has given strength, breadth and depth to our solutions. Over time, we expanded on our expertise that enabled today’s menu of 22 compliance modules offered bundled or a la carte. We offer the most comprehensive single stream compliance platform built with a modular architecture for buy and sell side firms, other financial intermediaries and public companies worldwide. We rank first in automated compliance solutions that enable regulatory protection and operating cost cutting and serve the most clients. Clients include regulators, broker-dealers, mutual funds, money managers, hedge funds and public companies. FTT has earned the trust and commitment from some of the world’s most renowned, top tier clients who have found FTT’s patented compliance multi-tools to exceed the performance of our competitors.

Our company is 60% employee owned and has 39 limited partners. 2013 was our 9th consecutive year of record revenues and profitability. We are not a product offering of a multi-billion dollar “slow moving large barge” organization that gets lost in corporate bureaucracy. Nor are we owned by a single individual where viability depends on the shifting sands of one’s personal financial factors and net worth. With compliance and risk solutions being our exclusive focus our passion is driven by superior client service levels, operational excellence and unmatched R&D spending, all with the highest IT security standards. No company is too big or small to be a client.

Client Categories That We Serve:

  • 30% of our client base is hedge funds
  • Government regulators
  • 33% of the 50 largest publicly traded money managers or insurers
  • 16% of our client base are public companies
  • 30% of the top 20 largest hedge funds
  • 2 of the 5 largest public companies in the US
  • 2 of the 4 largest US wire-house broker/dealers
  • The largest US independent broker/dealer

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